My Top Ten 10K Race Destinations (Part 2 of 2)

6. Grand 10 Berlin


Berlin has something for everyone from all over the world. The city is home to 153 museums, 147 foreign embassies, and 3.4 million people. Berlin’s coat of arms features a bear, therefore, it’s not a coincidence that the mascot of the race is a running bear, and the race course goes through the Berlin Zoological garden. The Berlin Zoo has the largest collection of species in the world, and it is the most visited zoo in Europe.

The race starts and ends at Charlottenburg Palace and gardens. It is the largest palace in Berlin. The race is held every October, right around the time for Oktoberfest!

7. WestVan Run

Vancouver BC

Vancouver, British Columbia, is famous for its architecture, breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean, and delicious Chinese food!

The race is scheduled for March 2nd. Not to worry, Vancouver BC is one of the warmest cities in Canada receiving on average, only eleven days of snow every year. This year’s theme is retro 60-80s, so don’t be surprised if you run into Richard Simmons or see Chubby Checker doing the twist.

8. Seoul International Sprint 10K


The “soul of Asia,” Seoul is not just the capital of South Korea, but it is perhaps the most technologically advanced capital city in the world. It has some of the fastest internet connections in the world with speeds up to one gigabytes per second. It also has the world’s largest subway network, which provides 4G LTE, Wifi, DMB, and WiBro networks.

Fun Fact: After finishing the race, you dance to Gangnam Style (only kidding, but why not?)

9. We Run Buenos Aires Nike 10k

Buenos Aires

Affectionately known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is rich in performing arts. It has the highest concentration of theaters in the world. The city is the birthplace of the Cumparcita and other irresistible tangos. On my trip to Buenos Aires, I would also pay a visit to El Atenedeo Grand Splendid. This is not your typical Barnes and Noble, the building was a former theater that was refurbished into a book store!

10. San Sebastian 10K

San Sebastian bay

Last but not least, my tenth 10K destination is San Sebastian, Spain. Home to only 186,000 inhabitants, San Sebastian is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Basque Country. The natives refer to it as Donostia, which is a short version for San Sebastian in Basque. San Sebastian is famous for many things – the stunning shoreline, San Sebastian International Film festival, ancient history, and exquisite architecture. Basque cuisine is regarded by professional chefs as some of the finest in the world. A popular item is the pincho, which is an appetizer on a toothpick. The toothpick can be used to track the number of pinchos eaten by a customer as a tally for the final bill! Why is Basque food so good? Since the late 1800s, the Basque region has hosted Txokos, “members only” gastronomical societies of cooks that come together to socialize and experiment, never ceasing to amaze and create the best dishes in the world.

The race will be held in late November. In addition to the 10K, you could choose to run the marathon or the half-marathon race.

Miles From Last Week
Monday: 4.5 miles
Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 6.5 miles
Thursday 4.5 miles
Total: 19 miles
Miles Ran in January: 80.8

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